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Brand History - Wellman Furnaces

The combination of Almor and Wellman businesses within this division can trace their histories back to 1904, and incorporates the businesses and technology from several well respected UK furnace builders.

Wellman Smith Owen Engineering Corporation, a large British engineering company derived from Samuel T.Wellman, a steel industry pioneer. It was based at Parnell House on

Wilton Road in London, next to London Victoria Station supplying furnaces to the British Steel Industry.

In August 1965 it split into several subsidiaries, including Wellman Machines (at Darlaston, Staffs), Wellman Incandescent Furnace Company (at Darleston, Staffs), Wellman Steelworks Engineering, and Wellman Incandescent International.

Wellman became a private company in December 1997

The Almor Group bought Wellman Furnaces in 2015


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