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Therser are the UK’s largest Kiln and Furnace manufacturing company, we are also the only UK company that can offer RHK’s (Roller Hearth Kilns) and SHS’s (Saggar Handling Systems) for various industries and market sectors, including the manufacture of CAM (Cathode Active Materials) for the Lithium-Ion Battery sector which we are currently engaged in with some of our customers. 

Therser UK is an established Kiln engineering specialist based in the UK and as such can provide full maintenance and servicing any other type of heat treating equipment that your company may use. 

Therser UK has a wealth of experience in the following areas:

  • Design and Manufacture of RHK’s, Tunnel Kilns, Rotary Kilns, Furnaces, Driers, Ovens including intermittent, shuttle/top hat, continuous and belt. Fuel gas, electric, oil and LPG.
  • Turnkey manufacturing, installation, commissioning and project management services.
  • In house design and manufacturing of bespoke, Automation Systems and Handling Systems to meet customer’s requirements.
  • 3D modelling design capabilities and VR Interaction capabilities.
  • Additive manufacturing printing for rapid prototyping.
  • Kiln servicing contracts
  • Kiln spare parts
  • Any type of equipment relocation and or re-siting.
  • Supplying instrument technicians, installation engineers and commissioning engineers.
  • Therser can undertake total factory moves or individual pieces of equipment/machinery.
  • Project management


What We Offer

Thermal Process Review and Concept Development: This stage involves a comprehensive assessment of the client's thermal processes and requirements. Based on the review, innovative concepts are developed to optimize efficiency, productivity, and quality.
Technical Proposal and Formal Quotation: After understanding the client's needs, a detailed technical proposal is prepared, outlining the 
suggested solutions and associated costs, culminating in a formal quotation for the project.
Pre-Engineering to Full Engineering: In this phase, initial pre-engineering is performed to lay the groundwork for the project. As the collaboration progresses, the team transitions to full-scale engineering, finalizing the project's specifications.
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are used to study fluid flow and heat transfer within the 
system, optimizing performance and minimizing energy consumption.
Heat Up and Heat Transfer Thermal Analysis: This analysis assesses the heating and heat transfer mechanisms, allowing for precise control of 
temperature profiles and uniformity within the thermal processes.
3D Modelling: Utilizing advanced 3D modeling software, a detailed representation of the project is created, aiding visualization and 
improving design accuracy.
Full Refractory Solutions: Comprehensive refractory solutions are offered, providing the appropriate materials and designs to withstand 
high temperatures and corrosive environments.
Electric Element Heating Systems: Electric element heating systems are designed for projects that require precision heating control.
• In-House Full Project Manufacturing Capability: We design and manufacture your project which gives you full control of your design.
Fully Designed Saggar Handling Systems: Saggar handling systems are carefully designed to safely transport and handle delicate ceramics or other heat-sensitive materials.
Virtual Reality Tours of Your Project: Clients are offered virtual reality tours, allowing them to experience the project's layout and functionality 
before physical construction.
3 Off Electrically Fired Test Kilns, with Process Gas Options: In-house test kilns are available for clients to conduct trials and optimize their products' firing processes.
CAD Drawing and Design: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings are provided, aiding in visualization and facilitating communication throughout the project.
Project Managed: The entire project is meticulously managed, ensuring timelines are met, and resources are efficiently utilized.
Test Firings of Your Product: The project includes test firings of the client's product, ensuring it meets the desired specifications and performance criteria.
In-House PLC Programming: In-house Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming enables customized automation and control solutions.
In-House Panel Building: The fabrication of electrical panels is done in-house, ensuring quality control and efficient integration of control 


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A Tri-Party signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hengli and Honeystone and Therser UK that was executed at the recent LIBE 2023 conference in Budapest.

Hengli Eletek Co. Ltd Logo

Hengli Eletek Co. Ltd was founded in 1992 with a dedicated focus on advancing pivotal equipment, such as electric heating, environmental protection, and plating systems. The company is steadfast in enhancing and broadening specialized equipment and system integration with process excellence at its core, aspiring to emerge as a leading force within the industry.

Therser (UK) Ltd Logo

Therser (UK) Ltd was established in March 2009, marking the beginning of its journey. Rooted in history, with the acquisition of the Wellman Furnaces brand, our lineage extends back to 1904. This amalgamation incorporates extensive expertise and technology dedicated to the production of Kilns and Furnaces.

Honeystone Logo

Honeystone has over 20 years of experience in capital equipment sales and services to clients in East and West Europe, South America and the US. Large installed base of hybrid and packaging equipment, especially in the area of MCM and power electronics, RF devices packaging, LTCC and thick film hybrids.


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Our Turnkey Solution includes Engineering and System Design for integration of RHK into a complete production line.

  • Slurry and Wet Milling
  • Jet Milling
  • Spray Drying
  • Powder Handling
  • Integration and fine tuning
  • Air and water treatment

Collaboration between Therser and  HengLi will set a unique precedent on the market by the benefits we offer to our customers 

  • Industry-approved, over 300 units in operation
  • A synergy of design and control systems features
  • Full compliance with local engineering codes, electrical and operators’ safety
  • One stop shop turnkey supply
  • Uniquely short lead-times
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Pilot size RHK installed in the USA by Therser supervision team
  • Joint supply projects are being discussed in Europe, India, Australia, USA and North Africa
  • Laboratory scale chamber ovens HXF and HXL series (for LFP and NMC chemistries) have been certified in CE and UK
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Battery Materials


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"They certainly have the necessary technical and engineering resources to carry out large scale projects and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
Paul Smith
"We are pleased to confirm that we have purchased numerous Kilns from Therser UK and have also recommended to all of our customers that they are our preferred supplier of quality kilns."
Dennis Dixon
Clan Ceramics Consultancy
"The kilns supplied have proven to reliable and repeatable in their firing characteristics and most recently we have used Therser UK to supply a new kiln to one of our licenseesoverseas. This was successfully installed and commissioned and full training in the use ofthe kiln was supplied by Therser."
K A Smalley
Ross Ceramics
"We have purchased a kiln for firing injected ceramic cores 18 months ago from Therser UK and have been thoroughly impressed with the high quality of the equipment and the service provided."
Neil France
Gardner Blade