Intermittent Kilns

Intermittent kilns, also known as batch kilns, are a type of furnace used in the ceramics, pottery, and brick industries, among others, where the firing process requires the kiln to be loaded, heated to the desired temperature, cooled, and then unloaded before beginning the next cycle. This method contrasts with continuous kilns, where the process is ongoing and the material moves through the kiln. The intermittent nature of these kilns allows for greater control over the atmosphere and temperature during the firing process, making them particularly suitable for specialty products that require specific firing conditions or for materials that are sensitive to rapid changes in temperature. They are versatile in their application, able to fire a wide range of products, but are less energy-efficient due to the heat lost during the cooling down and heating up phases of each cycle.

Despite their lower energy efficiency compared to continuous kilns, intermittent kilns are favored for their flexibility in handling varied production volumes and their capability to produce high-quality, artisanal or bespoke items. They are ideal for small-scale operations or for manufacturers that produce a diverse range of products in limited quantities. The ability to precisely control the firing atmosphere in each batch allows for the creation of unique textures, colors, and finishes that might be difficult to achieve in a continuous firing setting. Additionally, the design of intermittent kilns can be adapted to different fuel types, including gas, electric, hydrogen and solid fuels, making them versatile tools in areas with varying availability of resources. Despite the advent of more modern kiln technologies, intermittent kilns remain a critical component of many traditional and specialty manufacturing processes.

With temperatures from 800° C -1800° C, we have a solution for your application. The summary photographs here show a few of these products.

  • Shuttle Kilns: Shuttle kilns, designed for batch processing, allow for the efficient loading and unloading of materials by moving the kiln car in and out of the firing zone.

  • Lifting Hood Kilns: Lifting hood kilns feature a removable hood that lifts off the base, providing easy access to the kiln contents for processes requiring frequent loading and unloading.

  • Lifting Base Kilns: In lifting base kilns, the base that holds the ceramic or material lifts up to meet a stationary hood, facilitating efficient loading at a comfortable working height.

  • Moving Hood Kilns: Moving hood kilns consist of a hood that slides over a stationary base, making them versatile for large or irregularly shaped pieces requiring controlled heating.

  • High Temp Kilns: High temp kilns are engineered to withstand extremely high temperatures, making them ideal for specialized applications such as sintering ceramics or processing high-performance materials.

And many others in between.

We have manufactured kilns for installation in every continent and most countries of the world. Our team are experienced in handling small and large projects with the same dedication to detail our clients expect.

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