Ceramic Fibre & Brickwork Refractory

Ceramic fibre and refractory bricks are fundamental to ensuring the efficient operation of your kiln. As refractory bricks degrade over time, the insulation quality of your kiln decreases. This has several negative effects:

  • Your kiln’s heat efficiency is reduced, requiring more fuel and costing more to operate.
  • It becomes more difficult to maintain temperature uniformity, requiring more frequent calibration and increasing the risk of product spoilage.
  • Firing cycles become longer and you may need to decrease your product loads.

At Therser, we use the highest quality ceramic fibre insulation and refractory bricks to maximise operational efficiency and energy performance. Each new kiln is designed to cut fuel costs and give you accurate control over your firing cycles.

We can also refurbish old equipment by replacing the insulation with a more heat efficient alternative, and provide spare bricks and repairs on demand.

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Ceramic Fibre & Brickwork Refractory

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