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Pusher Furnaces

Therser Wellman supply both gas-fired and electrically heated Pusher Furnaces, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and over a wide range of load shapes and sizes.

Pusher furnaces normally operate with a secondary tray or basket carrier system, onto or into which the product is loaded for processing. As they pass through the furnace one tray pushes against another to provide the indexed movement of the trays through the furnace.

We can supply both single and twin track pusher furnaces, covering the full range of customers’ individual throughput and specification requirements.Where a product type requires, these furnaces can be applied with protective/reactive atmospheres to prevent oxidization (In process) or enhance of metallurgical properties within parts.

Automated load and unload stations and tray return conveyors are also provided by Therser Wellman as part of a complete process line. Fully automated systems required only load and unload operator interventions and the rest can be ran automatically. Tray positioning (via photo sensors) and tray sequencing is all provided by the Therser Wellman automation systems to suit specific customer requirements. Link up to customers SCADA systems for specific tray identification, tracking and process data archiving can also be supplied.

In carburising applications a typical process line may include preheat furnace, carburiser, oil quench, washing station, tempering furnace, associated conveyor systems, atmosphere and control panels, PLC control of the combustion system, plant sequencing and atmosphere.

Typical metallurgical applications include annealing, normalising, hardening, tempering and isothermal annealing of forgings, castings, machines components, pressings and laminations.

In recent applications this type of furnace has also been successfully used in the pre-firing of moulds (Investment casting) in the aerospace industry.

In these applications cooling tunnels are provided, immediately after the heating zone(s) to give controlled cool of products prior to exiting the overall process environment.

Our Pusher Furnaces can also be designed to meet the high performance demands within thermal processing standards such as AMS 2750G, GE and Rolls Royce standards, to name a few.

All of our robust and energy efficient furnace designs would be built around your process requirements/needs to give a solution tailored to getting the best out of your process.

Pusher Furnaces

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