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Combustion & Electrical Design

At Therser we work with our customers to develop bespoke combustion and electrical systems that effortlessly fit in with your existing equipment. Our unique systems are designed around your production requirements; improving your energy efficiency, increasing your product yields as well as giving you a higher level of control over your equipment. 

Combustion & Control Systems

We design a range of sophisticated, pulse firing combustion systems to suit a variety of manufacturing environments. These allow you to:

  • Improve your fuel efficiency
  • Achieve accurate temperature uniformity
  • Attain flexible temperature control to fire different products
  • Effectively manage your loads and cycles

Electrical & Heating Systems

We can design bespoke phase angle or burst firing solutions, using Thyristor controlled heating systems. These allow you to:

  • Save money on fuel consumption
  • Manage your product loads in order to stabilise electrical consumption
  • Achieve maximum flexibility in your product loads and cycles
  • Save power when starting up your system
  • Increase your control over temperature ranges
  • Increase the lifespan of your heating elements

Why Work With Therser?

Our company and its direct predecessor have been in business since 1965. In addition to this, our design, engineering and management team combine an impressive 150 years' of thermal service delivery experience. This gives us a unique perspective on design; one that recognises the individual needs of each customer and the necessity for responsive systems that can adapt to a changing market.

At the heart of our design philosophy, there is a desire to work towards your business' existing strengths. All our combustion and electrical systems are designed to interface with your current equipment and to augment their performance wherever necessary.

Our solutions are developed with the working needs of your business in mind. We aim to design and implement systems that can be installed as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your factory. We, therefore, offer our customers the benefits of detailed project management knowledge, as well as product training and excellent after sales support.

Contact Us

You can find out more about our combustion and electrical design services by emailing our sales team on sales@therseruk.com. Alternatively you can speak with us directly by calling +44 (0) 1782 824453.


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