Industry Served


Industries Served

Our Expertise Across Diverse Sectors

At THERSER UK our extensive experience spans over a century. During this time, we've developed a robust presence in various industrial sectors. We've built our reputation on a foundation of delivering high-quality solutions, marked by meticulous attention to detail. Our adaptability and expertise allow us to cater to a wide range of industries.

Aerospace Industry
Meeting the High Standards of Aerospace

In today's dynamic landscape, the aerospace industry demands excellence. At THERSER UK, we're well-prepared to meet these exacting standards. Our specialization lies in the use of both electric and gas-fired shuttle kilns. We excel at delivering results that meet stringent tolerances, even in high-temperature environments. As a testament to our capabilities, we recently completed contracts to provide multiple units of Electric Kilns, ranging from 1 to 2 cubic meters in size. These kilns operated at temperatures ranging from 1250 to 1650 degrees centigrade.

Our Diverse Industry Services
Comprehensive Solutions for Various Sectors

We take pride in our ability to serve a wide array of industry sectors, including:

Tableware: From functional to decorative, we support the production of high-quality tableware.

Sanitaryware: Meeting the strict standards of the sanitaryware industry with our expertise.

Refractory: We're your reliable partner in refractory materials and applications.

Technical Ceramics: Specialized ceramics find precision and excellence with our solutions.

Pre-Formed Ceramic Cores (Investment Casting): Our technology supports the investment casting process.

Solar/Photovoltaic: Contributing to the energy sector with reliable solutions for solar and photovoltaic applications.
Construction Materials

Bricks: High-quality bricks are crucial in construction; our services ensure their integrity.
Tiles: Meeting the standards of the tiling industry with precision and attention to detail.

Metals Industry
Enhancing the Metals Industry
In the metals industry, we offer our expertise in:

Heat Treatment of a general nature: From tempering to annealing, our solutions address various heat treatment needs.

Heat Treatment of Steel Rolls: Ensuring the durability and performance of steel rolls through specialized heat treatment processes.

Battery Materials

Empowering the Battery Industry
As the battery industry continues to evolve and advance, our role in providing essential materials becomes increasingly vital. THERSER UK is at the forefront of developing and supplying innovative battery materials sintering, enabling the next generation of energy storage solutions. Our expertise extends to:

Cathode Materials: We specialize in sintering solutions high-performance cathode materials that drive the efficiency and longevity of batteries.

Anode Materials: And anode materials which are sintered to enhance the performance and capacity of various battery technologies.

Our commitment to excellence extends across all these sectors. We're dedicated to ensuring that your specific needs are met with precision, reliability, and a focus on industry-specific requirements.

For customized solutions and exceptional service, we invite you to contact us today. Let's explore how we can meet the unique demands of your industry.



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"They certainly have the necessary technical and engineering resources to carry out large scale projects and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
Paul Smith
"We are pleased to confirm that we have purchased numerous Kilns from Therser UK and have also recommended to all of our customers that they are our preferred supplier of quality kilns."
Dennis Dixon
Clan Ceramics Consultancy
"The kilns supplied have proven to reliable and repeatable in their firing characteristics and most recently we have used Therser UK to supply a new kiln to one of our licenseesoverseas. This was successfully installed and commissioned and full training in the use ofthe kiln was supplied by Therser."
K A Smalley
Ross Ceramics
"We have purchased a kiln for firing injected ceramic cores 18 months ago from Therser UK and have been thoroughly impressed with the high quality of the equipment and the service provided."
Neil France
Gardner Blade