Ovens and Dryers

Ovens and Dryers are what we classify as low-temperature equipment.

Ovens ranging between 200° C and 650° C are used to harden and cure certain materials. We use afterburners to handle any gases or fumes released during this process.

For Dryers, we are talking about moisture removal which takes place at low temperatures often as low as 75° C and often not much more than 150° C. Drying processes are critical as uneven drying can cause losses to the product further down the processing route, especially in firing.

As noted above we also supply afterburners for use either with our Ovens or Kilns; ask a member of our team for further information.

Regardless of whether it is a Kiln, Furnace, Oven, Dryer or even Afterburner you are buying from us, the same premise applies - we deliver on time, in budget, and "proven in production"

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Ovens and Dryers

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