At Therser we design and manufacture high-quality industrial kilns of different types to suit the needs of different manufacturing businesses.

Our design engineers work with you to create a bespoke kiln that precisely allows you to meet your business goals. This is based on an understanding of your products, your industry, your production targets and firing volumes.

There are two main types of industrial kiln:

1) Continuous Kilns: These units fire continuously and are never allowed to cool. Products are loaded into the kiln by a rail or conveyor system and removed when the cycle is complete. As the fired items are removed, new products are loaded in a continual cycle.

The main types of continuous kiln are Tunnel Kiln, Roller Kiln, Batt Kiln and Belt Kiln. 

A continuous kiln works well with an automation system, reducing your shop floor labour requirements and making each production run more cost-effectively. Click here to read about our automation services.

Continuous kilns are ideal for manufacturing large volumes of product.

2) Batch Kilns: Several types of batch kiln are used to produce different sizes and weights of product. The distinctive feature of intermittent kilns is they are not designed to be fired continuously. They process batches of product in distinct firing cycles, after which the kiln can be cooled and shut down.

We have experience in designing all the main types of batch kiln used in the UK, including Shuttle Kilns, Top Hat Kilns, Up Draught Kilns, Down Draught Kilns, Rotary Kilns and Fixed Hearth Furnaces.

Batch kilns are ideal for small production volumes or less frequent firings. Some batch kilns can accommodate different types of product (for example, technical ceramics and white wares) in the same firing cycle. Other units allow temperature adjustment between batches, allowing you greater production flexibility.

Bespoke Kilns For Your Business

Many businesses operate more than one type of kiln on their production line. The key is to find the right balance of flexibility and efficiency to suit your production requirements. Our kilns are all bespoke and incorporate the latest technical advances, including:

  • Energy-efficient Heating Elements: Utilizing energy-efficient heating elements in kilns reduces power consumption, decreases operating costs, and lowers environmental impact.
  • Air Purification Systems: Integrating air purification systems in kiln operations ensures compliance with air quality standards and protects the environment from harmful emissions.
  • Heat Reclaim: Implementing heat reclaim systems in kilns captures and recycles waste heat, enhancing overall energy efficiency and reducing the energy required for heating.
  • Automated Operation: Automating kiln operations enables precise control over processing conditions, increases consistency in output quality, and reduces the need for manual intervention.
  • Kiln Commissioning & Support Services: Providing comprehensive commissioning and support services ensures that kilns operate at peak efficiency from the start and receive ongoing maintenance to prevent future issues.

Our engineering team are here to support you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to determine your needs, through to design, manufacturing, transport, commissioning, training and after sales support. We can also decommission old units and help you relocate furnaces and other industrial machinery to a new location. Call us for more information.

Our support team are here to answer questions, provide advice and maintain your system once it is operational. Follow these links to find out more about our kiln calibration, and our maintenance and repair services.

Find Out More

To find out more about the benefits of a bespoke kiln from Therser, please speak to one of our engineers by calling +44 (0) 1782 824453. You can also contact our technical sales team by email on




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"They certainly have the necessary technical and engineering resources to carry out large scale projects and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
Paul Smith
"We are pleased to confirm that we have purchased numerous Kilns from Therser UK and have also recommended to all of our customers that they are our preferred supplier of quality kilns."
Dennis Dixon
Clan Ceramics Consultancy
"The kilns supplied have proven to reliable and repeatable in their firing characteristics and most recently we have used Therser UK to supply a new kiln to one of our licenseesoverseas. This was successfully installed and commissioned and full training in the use ofthe kiln was supplied by Therser."
K A Smalley
Ross Ceramics
"We have purchased a kiln for firing injected ceramic cores 18 months ago from Therser UK and have been thoroughly impressed with the high quality of the equipment and the service provided."
Neil France
Gardner Blade