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Kiln Calibration

At Therser we provide professional kiln calibration services for all varieties of industrial furnace. For a kiln to produce consistent and reliable results, it must be calibrated regularly. Calibration ensures the kiln is optimised to match the requirements of the product load, the operating temperature and the thermocouples.

Why Kiln Calibration Is Important

A well-calibrated kiln gives operators accurate control over the temperature range and production cycle. For manufacturers, this accuracy is essential for maintaining quality standards and production targets.

An uncalibrated kiln has a greater risk of firing errors which can lead to temperature inaccuracies. Even small variations from the norm can have a big impact on your products, especially when manufacturing ceramics.

Specialist Calibration Services

Each kiln is a unique piece of equipment and will require its own approach to calibration. Different factors affect this, including the state of the heating elements, your kiln insulation, internal dimensions, including height and the distance between the elements and the centre of the kiln.

To calibrate your kiln our engineers start by understanding its thermal characteristics and how these relate to the kiln’s control systems, operator interface and output requirements. We not only offer routine calibration but also look into the deeper causes of inaccuracies in firing. As market leading industrial kiln specialists we can recommend supporting systems and processes that help increase your output and give operators greater control over your firing cycle. 

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